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Weston, MA

“The Police Department is grateful to have the opportunity to hand out these stuffed animals and give kids a reason to smile in a situation where there may not be much to smile about otherwise”

Chief Steve Shaw - Weston Police Department

Dedicated to bringing Project Smile to communities throughout the western suburbs of Boston, the Weston Chapter of Project Smile is run by Katie Venables and Ali Russo. The Weston Chapter recently made its first donation of 85 stuffed animals to the Weston Police Department and will be donating to many more police departments in the upcoming months. The Weston Chapter is actively engaged in partnering with schools, individuals, local businesses and other organizations to collect stuffed animals and to help raise funds for Project Smile.

“I wanted to be involved with Project Smile because I think it is a great cause. When I first visited the website, I realized that no police departments in our area had stuffed animals from Project Smile. This made me want to start colleting in our area, particularly through the Weston school system. We have been very successful in collecting many stuffed animals and are excited to continue donating to more police departments.”

Katie Venables


To reach the Weston Chapter directly please contact:

Katie Venables
Weston Chapter Director

PROJECT SMILE - P.O. Box 336 - Hopedale, MA 01747 - (508) 634-0203
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